Troopmaster Web Access

You will receive an email giving you your User ID and Password to gain access our Troop's Troopmaster Web program. The subject will read: Troopmaster Web settings. Look for it in your spam folder if you do not see it.

This program will allow you to access your/your scout's Advancement information to double check for inaccuracies and allow the scout to see what progress they are making with their advancements.

When you go on the site there will be many tabs - most of which will lead you nowhere since information is blocked except for your information. The best place to go is:
Check the boxes of the information you would like to view and click
> OK

I plan to update advancements each Tuesday. Right now it current and should reflect all advancements earned. Note: Partial merit badges are not often recorded. Only complete ones.

I know there are going to be questions. Please email me with your questions.


Angela Williams

Below are directions for accessing the data.
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