Troopmaster Web Access

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You will receive an email giving you your User ID and Password to gain access our Troop's Troopmaster Web program. The subject will read: Troopmaster Web settings. Look for it in your spam folder if you do not see it.

This program will allow you to access your/your scout's Advancement information to double check for inaccuracies and allow the scout to see what progress they are making with their advancements.

Picture Upload Instructions

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To upload pictures to this site email [email protected] and have an account set up, these are the instructions to upload your photos.
  • Log in to www.bsatroop42.org
  • Click on Photos
  • You should be able to see the "Upload Album" which will not appear unless your account has been specifically set up to upload photos by the webmaster (If you don't, close your browser and start over)
  • Click on "Upload Album"

How to change your password

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To change your password click the "my account" link on the left. Then click on the "edit" tab On that page enter your new password twice in the boxes provided. Then scroll down and click on the submit button.

Email Settings

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Q: What happens when I select the "Content emailing" button under the "Email Settings" section of "my account" ?

A: This feature enables you to receive information and documents that are posted to the web site. It does not automatically mean you will received all information and documents - the key word is "enable". When information and documents are posted to the web site, the person posting the information can choose whether or not to send an email about the posting, and who should receive the email. Selecting the "Content emailing" button enables you to receive emails sent by people posting information to the web site who choose to send an email about the posting.
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