German Festival

Troop 42 German Festival Picnic Fundraiser

1. The GermanFest Picnic takes place at Riverscape in Dayton, August 11-13, 2017
2. The troop will be manning parking in three lots. The three parking lots are as follows: St. John's Church, Good neighbor house lot and Shriner's lot. St. John's and Good neighbor will be donation lots, and Shriner's will be for vendor/staff with parking permits only. Vendors will have an orange pass and Staff will have a green pass.
3. We will receive all funds for the two pay lots. The troop will take 25% off the top after expenses, and the remainder will be split evenly among all workers on a calculated hourly rate.
4. This project requires approximately 300 man-hours. Participation by everyone is needed for a successful event. Every person participating will share in the funds, scouts, parents, siblings, friends. All workers must be at least 8 years old, be able to make change, and work independently under adult supervision.
5. The two pay lots are 4 hour shifts. The Shriner's lot are 3 hour shifts. You may need to stay over a little. Exact start and stop times will be recorded. Please remember to sign in and out when you work. If you cannot make the exact times of a shift contact Mr. Jay Huddleston (202-578-4232 or to discuss options.
6. When you sign up list names of individuals working the shift along with age. For those over the age of 18 you can simply list adult if you don't want to list how young you are.
7. Please be courteous and helpful to our patrons.
8. Dress for the weather. Although a Class A uniform is encouraged, a Class B Troop T-shirt is acceptable. Bring sun block, hats and water bottles.
9. Questions: Mr. Jay Huddleston or Mr. Matt Main
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